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Join your Self in a Shamanic soul journey through art in the Design process

A method of self-discovery through the analysis and creation of intuitive visualizations of our own supernatural realms of reality.

Fall in-love with yourself and with what you are; you’re awareness itself so let us journey together and do just that!

S a m p l e s:

MoreFatter poster.jpg

T h e   J o u r n e y:

Let’s talk about what lights you up and the greatest awareness of your being.


Explore different realms of your Devine nature and what makes your heart smile.


We will go through a discovery process where we get to see your Devine nature as we potentialize your inner being. Know ThySelf. 

When we come to awareness of a part of ourselves that no longer serves us; we are here to encourage the next life upgrade; the leveling up of our being so we can embody our fullest potential.

W h a t  y o u  g e t:

A digital asset and printed image of your intuitive reading and an Artist’s statement from the inspiration of your shared soul.