What these brain tumors have gifted me so far:

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Life is a constant gift of lessons. I’ve had the privilege to be able to live through this all and the second I was diagnosed I knew this was here for me to learn from. It’s been the most amazing ride I could have ever wished for! :D

I discovered the power of LOVE… The power of our words and thoughts. I have learned to be more patient with life; I have learned much about Devine timing and respecting time for what it is. I have a much better understanding of my body, its functions, potentials and ‘super’ powers than I ever did before. I know I am capable of any thing and all it takes is a conscious thought. Our thoughts are one of the most powerful tools of human consciousness. We literally make the reality we believe in and think of.

Since I have a different balance in my inner ear than the one I was born with, I have kept a yoga regimen for the past eleven years and this path of meditation and spirituality has been one of the most beautiful and empowering activities I could have ever encountered to have then made a life style. Yoga has healed me from not only my physical pains, but in every aspect of my life, heart and mind. All my research and meditation has taught me so much about nutrition and how powerful the foods we eat are to our overall wellbeing! I have learned to appreciate the new “limitations” my body has given me, realizing that all our limitations are within us…in our head. Some say “the sky is the limit; I disagree, I believer our mind is. There is always something we can do! Being kind to myself in the proces through the understanding that is ‘the practice of yoga’; and adopting that through process through every thing I do in my life.

I have learned to absolutely love myself and to celebrate every aspect of my existence. I have learned to open my heart and mind to the vibration of others so I can have the best and most positive interactions possible that consequently send me to a higher vibration. I have to be in a certain level of zen in order for me to continue this journey, and with an open heart an mind I can easily move myself around this world as a beam of shining light that leaves a streak of glow as it walks by. I have learned a new definition for magic. I now seem to find everything magical! Magic, is those moments in our life where we are so pleasantly surprised, everything seems possible. I have learned to only surround myself with the most loving, kind, opened, creative, happy, selfless, strong people in The World. I learned about the amazing power of self and that no matter how much others want to ‘save’ us; the power to do so is within us. And that I have an amazing ability to surround myself with the most amazing people in the planet and the privilege to call them my friends.

I have learned that I am no longer here in this World for myself, but for others. My Devine calling in life is greater than anything I could ever imagined, and I am here to change The World. A World where we can all freely live in love vibration, one that drives us places of immeasurable distances and possibilities. “You may say that I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” I had said once that this brain tumors were the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Yes, despite all the symptoms I have dealt with for years and I am now riding of my body… this is the best ride I could have ever imagined.