Pedaling for THE CURE, is a fundraiser we are currently working on to raise funds for brain tumor treatment, research and cure. We are traveling throughout California, pedaling our friend’s bike taxi to educate people, raise awareness, share love, smiles, a breath of hope and possibilities to everyone we encounter! As we give a bike taxi ride to people, we give them one of our flyers with a bit of information and the address to this website so they can come check what this crazy adventure is all about!

We arrived at my friend’s house in Davis, California last Thursday. Spent the weekend training the legs pedicabing in Sacramento. The event place was beautiful and spent most of the day biking over a bridge over the Sacramento river. The response we got was amazing! Before people hop on the cab, we let them know about the fundraiser and ask them to donate as they are comfortable, I encourage them to check the website and read my blog. There are times where the ride is a hard and heavy one, and I don’t get to talk much through it, so the flyer helps bridge the gap and it gets them asking questions. There are other times where we talk very intensely and for some reason I become some sort of guide and friend to them. The stories that have come out from behind my bike seat are pretty awesomely crazy! I’ve been asked and encouraged to write them down and so here I am, hope you enjoy them! I have pedicabed on and off for a couple of years, and I understand the nature of the business well, now taking it to the next level so I can raise funds to save my life is an amazing opportunity and I’m stoked for the new adventure!

Today we are off to our next adventure! The care is packed and we are headed to Forever Land Festival! This event takes place on the beautiful landscape of Lake Lodgoga (the East Park reservoir) in Colusa County, California. We arrive today to set base camp and to help festival goers with their gear from the parking lot to their campsites, we’ll be on that until next Monday! As soon as I have internet access again I’ll write on how it went! :D

I wish you a beautiful day! Light in your heart, happy smiles and shining eye! Bear hugs!