PEDAL FOR THE CURE! (pedaleando por la cura)

Life has a way of turning us around, upside down and side ways. It is how we choose to react to what comes our way what we make of our reality. Being diagnosed with brain tumors has been by far the most eye opening experience I could have ever asked for. Learning my new “limitations”; respecting, appreciating and learning from them throughout the whole process. Realizing my strengths and feeling great gratitude for all I’ve been given. Living off savings only lasts for so long, the rat-race to feel well enough to work ran short and I found myself spending all my time in bed trying to do what ever I could to make my body feel well enough to get up.

The financial responsibility of all this has been beyond my current capabilities these last months and wasn’t able to cover rent. A three-day notice to vacate while praying all of the moneys I was owed from jobs I’ve been doing would pan out. I put a call out there to all whom could help and we came about this amazing opportunity to PEDAL FOR THE CURE! I am very fortunate to know AMAZING people everywhere… and with no hesitation and all the love in the world, my sweet friend offered this opportunity to us... Our apt is now packed at our friend’s garage for the time being, the car is full and we are on our way to CALIFORNIA BABY! We’re going to be in The Bay area for the next few months pedaling for the cure… more details coming soon ;) I’ll be blogging on my website to keep everyone as updated as possible and to share the fun stories of this crazy awesome adventure…(

This is a very exciting time in my life! I was told by one of my Neurologists in June of last year that I “wouldn’t last a year sick as I was” … (ouch, ego blow) I am no longer choosing to believe what he said and I’m here to CURE MYSELF! I know I can. Let’s just see how this is going to unfold… I’m excited! :D :D :D I want to thank all my AMAZING friends I have in Salt Lake City. They run, jump, hop, skip and dance to the rescue…. every. time. It was amazing to see how minutes after I get the eviction notice on the door I get several texts from friends asking how I was doing and how could they help… I was in aw.

There is a HUGE force pushing, pulling, lifting and shinning my way. LET’S DO THIS! Thank you for all your love, support, patience, understanding, faith, and POSSITIVE ATTITUDE!