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Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy through the use of the creative process to explore, understand, reconcile and empower from our all emotions.


A journey within...

Look in to see and shine out!



The more we understand our limitations, the more we transcend them.

Dive deep into the infinite depths of ourselves to realize infinite beauty and our connection to all that is.

Pamela Alejandra; designer using Art as a form of Therapy. 

Born in Santiago, Chile and educated at Northern Virginia Community College and The University of Utah.

At the age of 26 she experienced a massive inner transformation that allowed her to explore her life for what it needed to be for itself. Over the next few years, she devoted herself to the study of this evolutionary transformation we are all experiencing and how we can best empower ourselves and the world through practical knowledge.

During Pamela’s transformational journey, ArtStory and The Healing Love Art Tour was born; where she began Sharing Love and Spreading Beauty around The World as she empowered individuals through the practice of Divine Love to “Self” and “Others”.

Pamela’s art and teachings empower individuals to thrive from their existing assets to enhance in their authenticity. And looks forward to continuing changing The World through the power of Divine Love.